Initializing Dashboards...
Updating and storing points
for speed and offline availability.

Preview maps and tap points ahead of time,
leave browser tab open for offline use.

Note this should only be a matter of seconds on decent internet connections.
If this takes more than a minute, check the first several sections here.

Know what is above and below you.

Above is Surface Tracks Basic

The map starts with a heat map of points.
As you zoom in, they will change to clusters and then individual points. Tap the location arrow towards the upper right or pan and zoom to see the map points show.

This basic version plots the data points and minimal details on the map.


Lower Clearance
Higher Clearance
Steep grade
Covered Bridge
Runaway Ramp

Surface Tracks Plus

Become a Plus member and get full screen maps, more map icons, full details about each point, filtering, map layers for public lands, trails, terrain, traffic and more.


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